Chorus Coordinator


Supports the Artistic Director by facilitating the Children’s Chorus Singers and their activities.  Attends and assists with rehearsals, performances, and tours.  Provides engagement for consistent relationships with students and parents.  Ensures smooth operation of GCC rehearsals and programs to build the Chorus aand accomplish GCC’s Strategic Plan.  

Average of 16 hours/week

Reports to: GCC Artistic Director

Collaborates with: Operations Coordinator

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Assist Artistic Director with auditions, rehearsals, concerts, and tours
    • Participate in staff meetings
    • Schedule and participate in auditions
    • Distribute membership application forms including teacher recommendation forms
    • Maintain music library
    • Oversee maintenance of singer notebooks
  • Manage set-up and logistics of each rehearsal and concert
  • Purchase refreshments for rehearsals
  • Generate rolls and maintain attendance records
  • Assist with concert ticket sales
  • Maintain seating charts, performance charts, processional plan
  • Assist with planning of tours
  • Attend tours and assist with tour logistics
  • Serve as parent liaison
    • Communicate with parents as needed via email, phone, and social media
    • Coordinate registration processes for students
    • Distribute scholarship information to prospective recipients and participate in scholarship application review
    • Coordinate parent volunteers at rehearsals
    • Call absentees after each rehearsal
    • Assist with public relations related to the chorus participants and related markets
    • Assist with communication on billing/payments and collection
  • Organize and maintain singer uniforms
    • Measure singers for new uniforms and communicate accurately with uniform vendor and singers/parents
    • Maintain inventory and distribution of uniforms

Minimum experience and education

  • Experience or education in music, preferably in a choral environment
  • Organizational or administrative experience (minimum of 2 years required)
  • Passion for children and music

Demonstrated Skills and abilities

  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks and communicate progress within deadlines
  • Skills in technology and social media for communicating with participants and parents
  • Ability to work independently, self-starter
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

Interested applicants should send Cover Letter, Completed Application, and Inquiries to:




Operations Coordinator


Leads the business and managerial operations of the organization, providing administrative and financial expertise for the Artistic Director and constituents of GCC. Supports the Artistic Director and the GCC by managing day-to-day office operations. Ensures smooth operations, oversees fundraising, manages finances and communication for the GCC Board.

Average of 26 hours/week

Reports to: GCC Artistic Director

Collaborates with: Chorus Coordinator

Duties & Responsibilities:  

  • Manage the day to day operations and communications of GCC
    • Support Artistic Director by managing office and organizational operations
    • Meet weekly and communicate consistently with Artistic Director
    • Oversee communication and workflow among the GCC Staff
    • Communicate consistently and serve as operational point of contact for Board Members
    • Effectuate data entry and word processing to populate financial and communication reports
    • Maintain GCC contact file for use by Artistic Director and Board
    • Maintain appropriate supplies and equipment for office operations
    • Coordinate GCC Public Relations and social media
    • Oversee maintenance of GCC Website
    • Coordinate GCC marketing and advertising including program brochures and yearbook
    • Prepare documents for board and committee meetings as requested
    • Participates in quarterly performance evaluation
  • Manage the financial health of GCC
    • Oversee timely and consistent management of finances
    • Communicate financial data with GCC staff
    • Oversee accounts payable and receivable including singer invoicing
    • Enter all invoices, payments, etc. into Quickbooks
    • Manage payroll
    • Work closely with Board Treasurer and CPA to provide accurate data for reporting
    • Oversee scholarship fund management
  • Fundraising support
    • Oversee fundraising activities
    • Identify, develop, and write grants for GCC
    • Maintain hands-on engagement and management of current grants
    • Facilitate Artistic Director’s meetings with leaders of foundations and donors; provide preparatory information, briefings and follow-up
    • Coordinate the sales of concert and fundraising tickets and provide corresponding reports

Minimum experience

  • Organizational experience (minimum of 2 years preferred)
  • Demonstrated financial operations experience with financial reporting/accounting experience
  • Understanding of non-profits and music/arts preferred

Demonstrated skills and abilities

  • Excellent organizational skills managing multiple areas of responsibilities
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and oral
  • Experience with Quickbooks and financial data for a business or organization
  • Demonstrated proficiency in Word, Excel, and database management
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks and communicate progress within deadlines
  • Ability to work independently, self-starter
  • Demonstrated problem-solving skills 

Interested applicants should send Cover Letter, Completed Application, and Inquiries to:

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