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Summer 2015 Choir Tour – DC


Members of the Concert Choir went to Washington D.C. on June 4, 2015 to participate in the National Festival of the States, a Musical Celebration of Peace: Commemorating the 70th Anniversary of the End of World War II and the 150th Anniversary of the end of the American Civil War.


Summer 2015 Choir Tour Highlights:


  • A motor coach tour of historic Washington, D.C.
  • Walking tour of the major monuments and memorials
  • Visits to Capitol Hill, museums, Ford’s Theater, Arlington Nation Cemetery, and the World War II Memorial, where Choristers will participate in a special wreath-laying ceremony
  • Performance for American Military Veterans as part of the National Festival of States
  • Performance at the Lincoln or World War II Memorials as part of the National Festival of States


It promises to be a great tour and everyone is eagerly anticipating days filled with fun new experiences, performance opportunities, new friends, and making memories to last a lifetime! Questions? Email GCC.

Summer 2013 Choir Tour – New York City


The GCC choir hit the Big Apple in June 2013. We performed at Lincoln Center in Avery Fisher Hall with a chorale of singers from around the country.  The chorale was led by recognized conductor and clinician Mrs. Barbara Berner, Artistic Director of the St. Louis Children’s Choir. It was a memorable trip filled with adventure, fun, and music instruction. We are gearing up for out next choir tour in summer 2015! Be on the lookout for details soon.


Summer 2013 Choir Tour Highlights:


  • Choral workshops with singers from all over
  • Performed at the Lincoln Center for Performing Arts
  • A celebration cruise and reception aboard a boat around Manhattan
  • Attended a Broadway show, visit Top of the Rock atop Rockefeller Center


What kids had to say about the trip:


Family members are invited to travel with us as non-performers. Singers were asked about their experience signing in Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center, what they liked best about New York City, and what they were most grateful about this trip.


“I liked singing with the other choirs and hearing our voices blend. I really appreciated the opportunity to sing in New York City at Lincoln Center.” — Christina


“I am so grateful for being able to come on this amazing trip and have the time of my life with so many great people.” — Claire


“I made a lot of new friends and learned a lot of new techniques. My favorite thing was spending time with the entire GCC family.” — Madeline


“My favorite memory of the New York trip was definitely going to see Wicked and Phantom of the Opera because both musicals were just so amazing.” — Chambers


“At first, I was nervous about singing on stage, but then Mrs. Carol told me that I did great in rehearsals and to have fun singing, and that’s exactly what I did! I sang very well (not to brag) and tried to maintain good facial expression, especially in “Beneath the African Sky.” — Sarah


“The thing I liked most in New York was the broadway shows. It was quite an experience to see how progressionals show emotion on their face. The way they pronounce their words when they sign was amazing.” — Tori


“New York City is a city where dreams come true. I was so lucky to be a part of this amazing experience. From the variety of food and culture, to the emotion and rememberance of 9/11, NY is the city that never sleeps and will always be in my heart.” — Jessica


“I was nervous and excited at the same time while getting ready and performing at Avery Fisher Hall. I was so nervous because of how many people were there and what they were expecting of us. I was excited about showing all of our hard work and to tell people that I perfomed at Avery Fisher Hall!” — Maggie