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2016-2017 Georgia Children’s Chorus Season

As GCC registrations, tuition payments, sponsorships, donations, performance RSVPs, CD/DVD ordering and flower and candy ordering are done using the online ServiceU system. The implementation of this system is being done to simplify the recordkeeping involved with managing the non-musical aspects of the Georgia Children’s Chorus. >>Learn more

Fee Schedule

The Georgia Children’s Chorus is a tuition-based program significantly underwritten by the fundraising efforts of our community Board of Directors. Following is a break down of the fees associated with membership in the Georgia Children’s Chorus. In an effort to assist your planning, we are listing Tuition as well as any other related fees. Payment options are listed at the bottom of the page.

Registration Fee

The $45 Registration Fee is due upon acceptance of membership in the Chorus.
*Tuition is based on a 10-month season. **Please note that acceptance into the GCC requires a season-long commitment, regardless of how payments are made.

Annual Financial Commitment

  • Concert Choir Annual Commitment is $635.
    Comprised of $495 in tuition + 60 in fundraising + 80 for 4 tickets to each concert.
  • Intermezzo Choir Annual Commitment is $525.
    Comprised of $385 in tuition + 60 in fundraising + 80 for 4 tickets to each concert.
  • Prelude Choir Annual Commitment is $490
    Comprised of $350 in tuition + 60 in fundraising + 80 for 4 tickets to each concert.

* Each family is only charged one fundraising and concert ticket fee. If you have more than one child in GCC your annual commitment will be reduced per additional child by $140.

Payment Options

GCC offers three fee payment options and payments are made online through the website. Upon acceptance into the Chorus, you will receive a specific individual statement of fees. Financial assistance is available for those who qualify. Applications will be provided
upon request.

Tuition, fundraising, and concert tickets are combined into each of the following options. The registration fee and uniforms fees are separate.

2015-2016 Fee Payments

2015-2016 Fee Payments

Registration fees are due at the time of acceptance to the chorus. >>Go to forms


Formal Uniform

Singers in the Intermezzo & Concert Choirs wear white tux shirts, black pants and cummerbunds (Intermezzo Choir) or vests (Concert Choir). Vests and cummerbunds are the property of the Georgia Children’s Chorus and are rented to singers. The tux shirts, Chorus pins and cummerbunds or vests will be ordered for all members. Girls will also have their pants ordered for them. Boys wear their own black dress pants. GCC occasionally has some used attire in stock. Those may be available to members for a reduced price.

Informal Uniform

Singers wear red GCC polo shirts and casual black slacks and black shoes.

  • Prelude Choir Uniform Fee: TBD (girls) TBD (boys)
  • Intermezzo Choir Uniform Fee: $ 88.00 (girls) $ 57.00 (boys)
  • Concert Choir Uniform Fee: $ 98.00 (girls) $ 67.00 (boys)

THE UNIFORM FEE IS AN ESTIMATE. Uniforms are ordered for each new singer and payment is due upon receipt of the uniform items.

Chorus Pins

The Chorus pin is part of the uniform, and it is also a keepsake for your child. Only one original Chorus pin needs to be purchased. Members get a new bar to add to their pin each year, signifying the number of years in the Georgia Children’s Chorus. Each year, we will provide singers with a bar to add to the pin, indicating their years of participation. Chorus pins are $12.00 and included in the price of the uniform above.

Payment Options

These fees can be paid in full at the start of the season, by semester, or monthly. Upon acceptance into the Chorus, you will receive a specific individual statement of fees. Payment arrangements can be made at that time. Financial assistance is available for those who qualify.  To request a financial assistance application, click here or call the GCC office at 706.542.8711.


To help raise the necessary funds to maintain Georgia Children’s Chorus, families contribute by selling tickets to concerts, annual fundraisers, and promoting the Cookin’ Up A Song cookbook.

  • Each family sells 4 concert tickets ($10 each) to both the Winter and Spring concerts, totaling $80.
  • Each family sells 7 Georgia Children’s Chorus raffle tickets, totaling $60.

Candy and Flower Sales

Support the GCC Tour account by purchasing flowers and after-concert treats for your singers from our GCC parents!

 Questions? Email or call 706.542.8711.